Our Placid

Why Us

 Driven by a passion for the environment which allows us to participate in the activities we love. When consumers make the choice to shop with us instead of our larger competitors, they help us to protect our beloved Adirondack Park and the rest of the Earth too!

The Issue

When we support large corporate organizations, we also support the use of their political leverage. Their greed has taken it’s toll on the consumer, the earth, their employees, our local economies and the policies governing our people.   

Our Solution

Our products are rid of environmentally harmful dyes and materials. A portion of our sales goes to noble organizations that fight for related causes. Plus we support other small businesses and local artists. We also use recycled materials for as much of our production as possible.  However, we don’t think any of that makes us special.  

Why We're Special

  What we believe truly makes us special, is when you buy one of our products, you’ve helped us pave the road less traveled. Our futures are brighter, knowing your purchase might set an educated precedent that alters the industry.    

For us, eco-sustainability isn’t only about making sure our products are helping our planet. It’s to hoping that other people follow our example.  

Thank you for shopping!

-Placid Clothing Co.